Water Use Efficiency

The County Water Resources programs works with the water agencies to encourage county residents to use water wisely and to use no more than absolutely needed. All of our groundwater basins are over drafted and our streams experience very low flow during the summer and dry years. It is important for all users, including private wells and water systems, to minimize their water use, particularly irrigation and outside water use which does not soak back into the ground.

Water Agencies - Rebates and Resources

Visit the websites of the individual water agencies for a list of water conservation measures, requirements, and potential rebates for installation of water saving practices or call them to report water waste in their district.

Conservation Websites & Phone Numbers:

For farms and ranches: Free assistance and advice from the USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) including on-site visits, regarding water conservation and ways to reduce water use on farms and ranches during a drought: >NRCS web site