Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tank (UST) systems that leak gasoline or other hazardous substances result in soil and groundwater contamination. Leaks can create an immediate health risk as well as contaminate drinking water and the environment. To address these concerns, State law requires that USTs have permits and be monitored for leaks.

Environmental Health, the Certified Unified Program Agency for the county, enforces State and local UST regulations that include:

  • the permitting of all USTs containing hazardous substances
  • construction standards for new tanks and piping
  • tank tightness testing requirements, monitoring standards
  • closure requirements for these tanks

Action is taken to implement cleanup measures when USTs are found to have leaked.

All businesses with regulated USTs are required to report through the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). For more information on how to file electronically, please see our CERS page.